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Internet Explorer 8/9 Test Taking, Grading Assignments etc. : Turn Compatibility View OFF

Users of Internet Explorer 8/9 need to turn OFF Compatibility View in order to grade assignment attempts in the grade center.

Browser Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, compatible browsers, Internet Explorer, SafeAssign, refresh, clear cache and history, pop-up blockers and plugins

These are the same steps that User Support will ask you to try! Many issues can be resolved with these steps:

If you still have a problem, check these:

Compatible Browsers

Use a certified or compatible Web browser with RamCT Blackboard so that information and course tools display correctly. Most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome should work with RamCT Blackboard. See Blackboard’s list of Supported Browsers & Operating Systems.

JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled on any browser.

Questions?  Email us at ramctsupport@colostate.edu


Internet Explorer (IE) Issues – IE 8/9

Posted April 2012

Turn Compatibility View OFF for RamCT Blackboard

Turn Internet Explorer Compatibility View off to work well with RamCT Blackboard.

Browsers and SafeAssign

Adjust browser settings to work well with SafeAssign

Refresh Browser Page

To see updated content in RamCT Blackboard, or if the formatting of the page does not load correctly, you may need to refresh your browser.

  • In your browser, press F5, or find the Refresh button and click!
  • If this doesn't work, you can clear the cache of a single page:
    • In Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-R, or press Ctrl-F5 (hold down the Ctrl key and click F5).
    • In Google Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-R, or hold the Shift or Ctrl key and click the Refresh button.
    • In Internet Explorer, press Ctrl-F5, or hold the Ctrl key and click the Refresh button.

Clear Browser Cache/History

Occasionally, the cached information in browsers becomes outdated or corrupt, resulting in display problems in RamCT Blackboard. You may have to reload a page and bypass the cache, or clear the cache of all RamCT pages.

Clear the browser cache/history

Wikipedia: Bypass your cache

Turn off all pop-up blockers when using RamCT Blackboard, or add an exception to the lists in your browsers and toolbars. Often, computers have two or more pop-up blockers: one within your browser and one within a search toolbar like Google or Yahoo.

Common programs that use pop-up blockers:

  • All web browsers
  • Google toolbar
  • Yahoo toolbar
  • Symantec Internet Security Suite

Browser Plug-ins

Sometimes you may need additional software to view and listen to instructional content within your course. Here are the most commonly used plug-ins; they are free to download. Check with your instructor to see which plug-ins they recommend.

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