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Building Block Request and Evaluation Process for RamCT

RamCT utilizes Blackboard’s “Learn” online learning system which comes with a broad array of tools for online teaching. Additional functionality by third-party vendors called “Building Blocks” can be added to the system for use by a college or by the entire University.

A Building Block can impact the entire system, requiring careful evaluation to determine if it adds sufficient value and integrates into our model for security, reliability, ease-of-use, and overall upgrade path.

How to Request a Building Block

Requests for Building Blocks can be made by CSU instructors or course designers, for use by their entire college.

Please work with your college/area RamCT Coordinator to develop your request, and who will then schedule time with the CSU RamCT Coordinator team to present your request.

Please address the following areas in your request:

  1. Describe the functionality and additional value of the building block.
  2. Describe target audience (instructors, subset of students, all students, etc.)
  3. Where can the building block be obtained and who authored and/or maintains it?
  4. Costs associated with the building block? Funding source?

You can use this Request Template in Microsoft Word format to help you draft your request.

Evaluation and Implementation Process

The RamCT Coordinators will evaluate and, if appropriate, recommend next steps and how to begin further analysis of the building block.

Building blocks can impact other areas at CSU that will need to be included in the assessment, such as the Library, CoTL, IAC, Security, Bookstore, etc. and the Coordinators can help identify the appropriate connections on campus. Additional analysis will include researching the details of maintenance, cost, support model, security, and possible system dependencies, to ensure stability and long term sustainability of the system.

The evaluation and analysis process can be time consuming, taking weeks to complete so please plan with that in mind. In some cases, building blocks may not be recommended for installation, for instance, if they represent a replication of existing features or do not integrate into our existing technical environment. For more information, contact your college/area RamCT Coordinator.

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